Iris Thorne Mysteries Book 4


“Foolproof reads the way [Emley’s] heroine Iris Thorne drives her Triumph—fast and smooth with lots of deadly twists in the road. You can put the top down and cruise with this one.”—Michael Connelly

“An intricate, involving, suspenseful mystery…”
—Robert Crais

“[Emley’s] come up with another winner that makes all manner of skullduggery look as natural as vanity and greed.”—Kirkus (starred review)

“A frothy confection of sex, murder, and deceit.”—Publishers Weekly

From where she stands in her newly purchased beachfront bungalow—complete with cozy garage for her beloved red Triumph convertible—life looks good for investment counselor Iris Thorne. The only clouds on her horizon are her boss from hell and the never-ending office battles at McKinney Alitzer. But one hot night, everything changes. Her dear friend Bridget is brutally murdered next to her backyard swimming pool, and the sole witness is Brianna, her five-year-old daughter. The primary suspect is Bridget’s husband, Kip—the volatile creative genius behind the couple’s computer games company, Pandora.

Bridget surprised everyone—especially Kip—when she left her majority stake in Pandora not to her husband, but to her daughter. And she named Iris as administrator of Brianna’s trust. Suddenly, Iris must deal with conflicting emotions as the evidence mounts against Kip and she finds herself responsible for the financial future of a little girl—and maybe even the five-year-old’s life.

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