Fast Friends

Iris Thorne Mysteries Book 3


“Engaging and page-turning…”—Jonathan Kellerman

“[Iris Thorne is] sleek, smart and refreshingly bitchy…. Any heroine so ambitious and quirkily original that she’ll sneak peeks into her associates’ lunch bags for clues to their home lives deserves our undivided attention.”
—Los Angeles Times Book Review

“Sharp and stylish… a multistranded complex of lies, betrayal, and desperation… that strips bare the politics of relationships. Clever and cool.” —Val McDermid, Manchester Evening News (UK)

“[A] tightly knit, unpredictable tale. With her bold moral compass, her appealing in-your-face attitude and unsettled romantic life, Iris is a compelling heroine.”
—Publishers Weekly

A sexy and surefooted investment counselor, who made her ride to the top in her red Triumph, circa 1972, Iris Thorne seems unshakable. She’s never looked back on her long climb up—certainly not as far back as her blue-collar roots in East Los Angeles. But the suicide of Dolly DeLacey, the mother of Iris’s childhood friend, Paula, has hit harder than the latest L.A. quake—and the aftershocks are just beginning.

At the request of Dolly’s husband, a slumlord with low friends in high places, Iris must locate the wayward Paula and bring her home for her mother’s funeral. But Iris has inside information that makes returning to the old neighborhood a potentially deadly task—and casts Dolly’s suicide in a suspicious light. Now, Iris dredges up an explosive memory she’s kept hidden for years, a shocking secret that may help her solve an almost perfect murder—or bring her down in an act of long-awaited vengeance…

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